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  • Yaakov Levhen

From VDDs to DDDs

Today, the company may have to present itself at any time to any type of financial interlocutor: professional or private investor, banker, regulator, customer, supplier, potential target ...

Like a top-model, the company must be able to present its "book" in all circumstances to take advantage of opportunities as soon as possible.

12 Advisory thus invented the concept of DDD: Dynamic Due Diligences.

Starting from the realization of Vendor Due Diligences (VDD) which are stored in a secure way in the cloud, with guaranteed life-access, the customer can then easily update his presentation, alone or with the help of 12 Advisory, by injecting only the incremental data (result of the last exercise, updating of the business plan, new references ...)

The DDD: your corporate and financial presentation permanently updated, with the signature of a renowned firm.

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