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Benchmarking & Restructuring

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Construction and review of business plan/financial plans

- Identification of KPIs specific to the studied activities

- Determination of historical and projected trends during BP years

- Analysis of the activity’s seasonality

- Detailed analysis of the action plans/restructuring measures: timing and budget

- Cash flow projection based on the operating, investing and financing hypotheses selected


Independent Business Reviews (IBRs)


- Review of a company’s business model and competitive positioning

- Benchmarking of Key Ratio vs the industry, vs competitors

- Review of a company’s financial position as part of debt refinancing for profitable activities (review of loss-making activities carried out by the Restructuring team)

- Review of business plans and forecast cash flows

- Modeling of the impact of refinancing on cash flows and bank covenants

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Opportunities for acquisitions of impaired targets

- Acquisition due diligence in time of crisis

- Detailed work on net debt adjustments, including factoring in of delays, moratoria, and bank authorization overruns

- Determination of the total cash requirement related to takeover (acquisition price + financing of turnaround)

- Assistance with project documentation for presentation to the various stakeholders: creditors, court, judicial representative, judicial administrator, liquidator, works council, etc.


Reorganization of activities (disposal,

spin-offs, cessation of trading)

- Determination of funding requirements related to restructuring and turnaround

- Preparation of financial elements supporting the search for new funding

- In the event of a group spin-off, work on substitution of the group’s financing by means of bank financing

- Preparation of a Q&A list with prospective buyers/employee representative bodies

- If necessary, assistance with negotiations on the price (positive or negative)

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