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Pre- & Post-Deal

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- Identifying tie-up synergies between parties (organization, purchases, industrial or logistics plan, support functions, etc.)

- Quantifying the challenges and defining the implementation plan

- Operational Due Diligence : Description of the maturity and operational efficiency of the target

- Identifying and quantifying additional drivers of value generation

- Transformation plan : Support for management in defining the integration, separation or transformation roadmap

- Defining management methods for the transformation program (worksite organization, steering committees, operational and financial objectives, monitoring operating report, etc.)

- Implementing of management tools


Operational restructuring & turnaround

- Assessment of operations

- Assessing contribution of each of the corporate's lines of business (product concept, client portfolio, distribution channel, …)

- Comparing corporate performance to industry standards and « best in class » performance.

- Identifying and analyzing what causes the company to underperform in its operations.

- Identifying avenues for improvement of operational and financial performance.

- Delivering cost data for the recovery strategy.

- Drafting a full assessment report.

- Participating in strategic decision-making regarding which turnaround options to go for (decision trees).

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WCR (Working Capital Requirement)


- WCR diagnosis: Key challenge -> 7% of sales

- Operational review of clients’ drivers – stock – supply chain – suppliers – Capex

- Identification of challenges and operational mobilization

- Sustainable short-term and medium-term action plan

- Operational support

- Securing cash flows

- Immediate cash operation : Operational management under cash constraints

- Plan to improve the group’s cash flow and WCR Implementation of large-scale sustainable improvement programs

- Program deployment plan, management and leadership

- Indicators and tools to facilitate adherence


Cash services

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- Cross review of the Cash Process

- Snapshot of all areas impacting the company’s cash situation

- Identification of the structure’s level of efficiency

- Learning-oriented presentation of our review based on “green, orange and red” signals

- Implementation of the improvements identified with Management

- Establishment of a Treasury Department, in the event of a carve-out or initiation of an LBO

- Review of the old structure’s existing processes (treasury system, reporting, etc.)

- On the basis of ‘best practices’ acquired through our experiences, proposal for processes and tools to be introduced

- Review and streamlining of existing bank flows (banks, accounts, means of payment, etc.). Identification of areas for improvement

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