A sense of initiative and a distinctive approach, continually evolving to adapt to each situation individually.

Twelve Advisory engages in constant pursuit to exceed client expectations by providing a flexible, proactive and effective approach.

We work strictly within the scope of confidentiality required by our clients, and work alongside them in order to deal with the demands of each and every situation.

The quality of our services and respect for each individual assignment make Twelve Advisory a highly trusted and reliable partner.

Twelve Advisory invests in the professional development of its staff by providing significant personal responsibility and by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit at one of our core values.


The transmission of professional knowledge and experience to our workforce is at the heart of Twelve Advisory's vision, contributing both to our continual growth and the safeguarding of our independence.


Twelve Advisory assists and advise you during the key stages of the companies' life span

Twelve Advisory intervenes during the key stages of the companies' life, in particular during the acquisition or the transfer of activities, the need for financial or operational benchmarking or during the transformation project, the performance improvement plan or the turnaround.

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Twelve Advisory offers its clients advanced financial expertise in situations where the financial and human stakes are high, particularly during acquisitions, business disposals, refinancing, valuation of assets or companies, and litigation. More recently, we have bolstered our real estate and infrastructure services.

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Our Benchmarking service is designed to deliver reliable figures in an uncertain environment in order to support all parties involved in resolving the companies’ difficulties.
Benchmarking & underperformance
Operational Restructuring & Turnaround

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The Transformation team supports investors, corporations and SME's managers during pre- and post-deal challenges and turnaround situations

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